Your nervous system controls all the functions within your body. In fact, your nervous system was the first system formed when you were created in your mother’s womb. It was there to direct and organize all of the other systems in your body. And it is functioning now to control the function of your circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, immune, and all other systems, organs, tissues and cells in your body. And the best part is that you don’t have to think about these functions as long as your nervous system is functioning as it was designed to function, without nerve interference or nerve stress. What causes nerve interference and nerve stress?

Your nervous system is so important that the most vital parts are protected by bone. The skull (cranium) protects your brain. The 24 moving bones of the spinal column cover and protect your spinal cord. A constant stream of nerve impulses leaves your brain, travels down your spinal cord and out to every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. Impulses sent back to your brain confirm everything is working as it should. Anything interfering with this vital exchange sets the stage for ill health.

For over a century, chiropractors have been correcting spinal subluxations to remove nerve stress and nerve interference, thereby allowing your nervous system and your body to function better!

Recently, Dr. Robert Boyd, an osteopathic physician from the United Kingdom made a breakthrough that has significantly advanced the practice of osteopathy and chiropractic. His discovery is fourfold. First, he discovered that all of us are “injured” at and before birth, and that these “injuries” impact dramatically on the level at which our bodies function throughout life. This “injury” results in a distorted, torqued or warped pattern of the cranial bones (skull), resulting in a decreased functional capacity of the brain and spinal cord.

Second, he discovered that the distorted, torqued or warped pattern of the cranial bones results in compensatory “distortion” (misalignment/subluxation) of the spinal bones (vertebrae).

Third, he discovered that there was a particular anatomical alignment of the cranial bones necessary for our nervous system and body to function properly.

Last, and most important, he developed the Bio Cranial System to correct the anatomical alignment of the cranial bones.

The Bio Cranial System addresses a person’s dysfunctions, their cranial (and therefore spinal) status, in order to restore maximum function to the system. It is probably the most holistic system in existence, in that it looks at the total person, and not diseases or disease names. Dr. Boyd has made a tremendous contribution to health restoration through his development of the Bio Cranial System.

The goal and objective of the Bio Cranial System is to maximize function: your nervous system function, and therefore your body function. The fact is that only 10% of your nervous system is able to detect pain, therefore pain is not the best indicator of your overall health. Pain is an indicator of long-standing compromise of nervous system function (nerve interference). Our focus is to maximize your nervous system function.

With improved function, your body will be able to regulate, heal and perform at its maximum potential (maximized life expression), and then begin to deal with the issue of pain. Trust your body to heal itself!

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