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Hip Pain

Pain at the outside of the lower part of the hip is the most common symptom of hip bursitis. Patients often initially describe the pain as sharp or searing. After a period of several days or weeks the pain may change to more of an ache. With iliopsoas bursitis, the pain will be felt more in the groin area.

  • Pain that is worse after prolonged inactivity.
  • Most patients describe that the pain is worse after sleeping or after beingseated for a while.
  • Pain that is worse with repetitive activity.
  • The pain may intensify after prolonged repetitive hip movements, such as with walking, jogging, or stair climbing.

Hip tenderness

Patients with hip bursitis have tenderness and pain over the side of the hip. Lying down on the affected side of the hip may cause a sudden and sharp increase in pain.

Radiating pain

Initially, the pain may be located primarily at the outside of the lower hip. Over time the pain may radiate down the outside of the thigh or to other points in the body, such as the lower back, buttock or groin.